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Photography is a powerful way of communication, with the help of which, on the one hand, it presents itself to a wide audience of people, on the other hand – dialogue with myself.

Photographing, subsequent perception of photos and their artistic design evoke various associations in a person, memories come to life, creative imagination is stimulated, new ideas about themselves, about possible situations, etc. are formed. A photograph gives a person the opportunity to objectively look at himself, his feelings, and emotions. To make visible personal manifestations, which are reflected in the appearance with the help of facial expressions, gestures, condition, clothes, hairstyle, makeup.

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Photos reflect the dynamics of development, internal and external changes. It is possible to see, if you compare the pictures taken at different periods of our life and our history. Photography allows you to “stop the moment,” to focus on it, which is simply not possible in everyday life. It gives a person material for introspection, thanks to which a person can see his or her experiences and actions from another side. And most importantly, photography allows a person to feel like a center of attention. Increase self-esteem, attract the attention of other people to themselves, and sometimes the whole world. Photography is a safe environment in which everyone can allow themselves to be spontaneous, freely express their feelings, desires, fantasies, play with reality, experiment with new forms of experience.